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WriteType 1.2.130 is out!

Posted by max on 17th April and posted in News

WriteType 1.2.130 is now available!  WriteType is a word-processor designed for schools to help young students write better.  It gives students who have a hard time writing an easier approach in putting their ideas on paper.  The new release makes it even easier for students to succeed!  Some new features include:

  • Phrase Completion — While WriteType has always had the ability to quickly complete words, it now has the ability to complete commonly used phrases as well.  As you type, WriteType will detect which phrases you use most frequently, and suggest them along with the words.  Clicking on the suggestions will insert them into the document.
  • Reading back words as they are typed — In order to help students internalize what they are typing, WriteType will optionally read back words immediately after they are typed.
  • Reading back words in the list of suggestions — Each word in the list of suggestions has a speaker icon on it that, when clicked, will read the word out loud.
  • Aesthetic improvements — WriteType has a brand new look!
  • Global Setting Overrides — Setting up WriteType for a large school or organization on a network is now much easier.  Administrators can optionally specify settings for the whole network, instead of just on a computer-by-computer basis.


WriteType can be downloaded for GNU/Linux and Windows.

Bug reports, feature requests, and patches are always welcome.  If you are looking to get more involved, WriteType is in dire need of a Windows maintainer, and could always use new developers and translators.  As always, though, the best thing you can to to help WriteType is to get it into the hands of students, teachers, and schools that could benefit!

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