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Let’s welcome WriteType 1.3.163

Posted by max on 10th August and posted in News

WriteType 1.3.163 is now available! WriteType is a word-processor designed to help elementary school students write better. It gives students who have a hard time writing an easier approach in putting their ideas on paper. In addition to fixing many bugs, the latest WriteType release has several new features to help students succeed. Some new features include:

  • New translations — WriteType is now available in four new languages: Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, and Dutch.
  • Performance improvements — Words offered as suggestions in WriteType’s suggestion box found using a new, optimized algorithm, resulting in speed boosts of up to 300%!
  • Usability improvements — Suggestions from teachers have prompted changes in the way some interface features are presented to students.
  • Cleaner documentation — The online documentation has been cleaned up and expanded for this release.  The source package also has better documentation for users wishing to build WriteType from the source.


WriteType is now available for download for GNU/Linux and Windows.

In addition, we are launching a free workshop program for schools so that teachers can learn how to best utilize WriteType in the classroom. More information can be found on the free workshop page.

Bug reports, feature requests, and patches are always welcome. If you are looking to get more involved, WriteType could always use new developers and translators.  We are also looking for maintainers on the Windows and Mac platforms.  As always, though, the best thing you can to to help WriteType is to get it into the hands of students, teachers, and schools that could benefit!


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