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Stable Releases

The current version of WriteType is 1.3.163

Windows Users

  • The Windows Installer (x86) is the easiest way for Windows users to use WriteType. It contains an automatic installer that will install it on one computer.
  • The Windows Standalone (x86) can be used to install WriteType on a flash drive or a LAN. (Simply extract the zip folder to a flash drive or a network-accessible location to install.)


GNU/Linux Users

  • Ubuntu/Debian users can use the command “sudo apt-get install writetype”, or locate the “writetype” package in Synaptic Package Manager.
  • Fedora users can download an rpm package.
  • A Tar.gz Package is available for other distributions



  • A Source Package containing the source of the latest stable release is available for interested developers.


Unstable Releases

  • Cloning the Bzr Branch is the fastest way to get the most current source.
  • The Launchpad Page may also be of interest to developers.

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